Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Airlines Again!

Back Again:

As I mentioned in a previous email, I have been traveling and it once again involved airplane travel.
Like so many people that I’ve talked to in recent times, airplane travel is now so painful that many folks choose, either not to go, or to drive.

I should have driven!

American – US Airways your service has gone down hill. You may become the largest airline in the world, but unless you re-establish your quality service you will fail from the weight of your new company. Some of your employees need an attitude adjustment in liking their job.

Elderly travelers should not be charged for checking bags. They/we cannot drag the overloaded alleged “carry-on’s” through the airport, onto the plane and then lift them and stuff them, into what is loosely called, “over-head compartments.”

What all the airlines are doing is fleecing the elderly and the infirm while not enforcing the size requirements for the youthful others who drag their personal detritus onto an aircraft so they don’t have to wait the 45-minutes at baggage claim.

And here’s a question: Why at some airports are the luggage carts free, but at others there is a six-dollar fee? Greed! Perhaps?

And service? What service?

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