Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gyroplane scare in D.C.

So we’ve had another scare in Washington D.C.

A postal worker from Florida flies a gyroplane onto the lawn in front of the Capitol building. He was bringing (delivering) letters to every member of Congress protesting campaign graph and promoting campaign reform. 

He called it an act of civil disobedience. He also told authorizes before hand that something like this was going to happen. Back in the 1920’s another pilot landed a gyroplane on the White House lawn, but that was sanctioned.

In those days our government was not as paranoid as they are today. In those days the government had not yet figured out that fear could control society, increase budgets, and relinquish freedoms. What a difference a near century makes! 

So now all the agencies that are supposed to protect the Capitol are trying figure out ways to prevent another incursion so that a far more sinister pilot could not do it again. Next time they’ll probably shoot it down and kill the pilot and some civilians.

 It’ll be called an act of terror to justify the action.

The postal guy was wrong in doing a civil protest in this way; there are well-known flight restrictions within and around the Capitol and as a pilot he knew that, but it worked. The problem will be for those supporting his claim in keeping the reason for the protest in front of the media rather than the aggrandizement of fear that the government will adhere too.

Fear can be a motivator, but it can also be a subjugator and we, as citizens need to be aware of the difference.

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