Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Headlines!

I don’t know about you, but each day I read the headlines from around the world and I am disappointed at the insensitivity of the heart, the insecurity of the spirit and the instability of reason throughout the world.

Daily, people are killing people because others believe differently than they. 

People are still bombing innocent people because they think that martyrdom is the only way to heavenly bliss.

Belligerent tribes continue to spill the blood of brother tribes.

Some public officials continue to cheat and get indicted despite earlier politician's convictions of similar crimes.

Leadership and leaders, politicians and partisans continue an argumentative detachment over the climate and its potential ramifications.

Greed thwarts financial reform.

It goes on and on.

WHEN will human kind see that some of their beliefs contribute to the detriment of human advancement?

When will politicians see themselves as responsible?  When will statesman and stateswomen emerge into positions of leadership?

When will courtesy and compromise replace contention and conflict?

I know a way out of the abyss we have created for ourselves. It is only through LOVE of self and neighbor that peace and prosperity for all will come.

No other way is possible. We tried them all and they don’t work.

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