Friday, September 19, 2014

Wandering Thoughts

On such a beautiful pre-fall Friday morning, my thoughts lean toward perceptions.

Concretized perceptions limit the perceived wonder of life and cloud the light of living.

We need to listen to our hearts for it is the only organ in the body attuned to the divine. You can never go wrong if you follow your heart, your bliss, as Joseph Campbell would say.

Listen to your heart. Feel its divine onomatopoeic cadence. Infuse into your heart a verbal rhythm of love. In the truth of these words you have the mantra of miracles and the interconnection to the realms of spirit.

If we see others only as a separate physical being struggling to live then we limit our perceptions. If we choose to see the divinity within each human being as an expression of the continuing divine unfoldment then we are  limitless.

To me the joy of earthly existence is to recreate ourselves every moment in the grandest vision we can image for ourselves and to learn that different is not lesser and "the other" is not separate from the self.

If we accept the premise that our spirits are divine then it follows there is divinity in all others. We are all one with THE ONE and therefore one with each other.

The miracle of life, however, is not the Oneness. It is the diversity within the Oneness. An ego-focused existence confuses different with diversity. Living, by choosing to see others as different, inhibits the ability to express the divine within us for we empower only the ego that believes we are separate.

Isn’t it marvelous how the mind can wander in wonder?

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