Friday, September 26, 2014

John Slattery

A former colleague of mine died the other day. He was only in his early sixties. His name is John Slattery. He was a fine reporter, a gentlemen in both his professional and personal life, a man of integrity, ethics and laughter. All of us who worked with him over the years are saddened. Our collective thoughts go to his family.

For me it is that time of life when you start losing your friends and associates. It is an unfortunate condition of aging. I was talking to another friend about John's passing and we both vowed to talk more and personally connect when we can. 

Having long time friendships is like having a garden of flowers that come back year after year and are powerful and soothing. But friendships, like flowers need the watering of connection. A lot of us forget that as we get older, but a passing is a profound reminder.

We knew him as “Slats." A decent and good man. He was kind, courageous and a talented colleague. John Slattery will be missed.

We come into the world, share our talents, we struggle, we succeed, we live a little, laugh a little and then we are called home.

Take notes John. When we get there we will need your reportorial skills. Say hello to those we knew at “The Deuce.”

I know a truth that life continues and someday hence we will meet again for only the body dies.

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