Monday, March 31, 2014

Apes or Angels

I’m wondering with all the bad and the good occurring on this old planet if humankind is just above the apes or just below the angels?

It is an interesting contemplation provided I spend some time in meditation. Meditation, for me, is a process where I listen to Spirit rather than prayer where I talk to Spirit to solicit some favor or courtesy.

My tendency is to go with “just below the angels” because I believe we are inherently good even though we all too often make terrible choices that label us cruel, unkind or inconsiderate sots.

Even though we’ve got serious troubles in the Ukraine, mudslides in Washington State, earthquakes in California and an ongoing mystery over Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, we still have the beauty of life if we choose to see it.

It’s the simple things that we notice and appreciate that bring us closer to the angels. Most of us had a tough winter no matter where we live. Some had drought, some had floods, and some had heavy snows and frigid temperatures. I don’t know about the drought and floods, because I don’t live there. But here in the Northeast the snow and below zero temperatures were helpful in killing destructive beetles that are killing our trees and deer tics that cause Lyme disease.

I love the lengthening soft golden light of a spring sunset and the music of our feathered friends. I love to watch the stirrings of nature as she comes alive with the sap flowing for Maple Syrup. I love the see the purple tops of crocus poking through the melting frost. And I love to watch the mating chase of squirrels through the high budding branches of Oaks and Maples.

Most of all I love the awareness of choice that allows each of us to choose how we see life and things. Meditation is a great leveler. It knocks the top off of inflated ego and fills the valleys of depression.


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