Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lotos Lunch

Not all days are like this, but I’m sure glad they come around every so often.

I had lunch with a collection of very thoughtful and interesting people. One was a teaching physician at a local medical school. She was charming and forthcoming about how it was for a woman to be in medical school in the early 1950’s.

Also joining the discussion was a clinical psychologist who works with performers who have stage fright.

Around the table was a sculptor/poet, a former investment banker who now studies watercolor painting, a teacher in higher education administration, a professor in sustainable living for the planet and a former publicist in the high tech field.

We each shared our background and our current passions. Oh, if only all of us could do this on a daily basis what a change we would see in the world condition.

Thank you Lotos Club, you are a catalyst that engenders wonder and fosters hope in the appreciation of the arts and individual talents. Thank you SD for the introduction, AR for the idea and EM for facilitating.

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