Monday, March 24, 2014

How Come?

I have a series of “how comes” in todays post.

How come we listen when GM tries to assuage customers about the current recall on social media? People died!

Guinea says 59 people have died in an Ebola outbreak…why are we not worried?

With so many countries controlling numerous spy satellites how come we don’t just throw up our hands and say nothing is private? If they can spot wreckage in the Indian Oceans, what else can they spot?

How come NASA is asking citizens for innovative ideas on capturing asteroids? Good grief! Are not they the experts?

How come the average gallon of gas price just rose five-cents a gallon in one week?

How come Democrats don’t vote in off-year elections? Or is that not true?

How come some countries still have polio?

How come Governor Romney criticizes President Obama on dealing with Russia. Didn’t Romney lose? Isn't Romney the one with no foreign experience?

How come we send billions to Pakistan each year and they hate America?

How come millions of American children go hungry each day?

How come the calendar says spring and a snow storm is expected in the Northeast?

How come there is still controversy over climate change?

How come there are so many “how come’s” every day.

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