Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nineteen Firefighters Dead

There is nothing anyone can do to change it, to stop it. We can fight it and the fire fighters do so with skill, daring, courage and fatal danger to themselves, but still it chews the dry brush into a soft ash and it took the lives of nineteen valiant firefighters.

Lightening starts most of the fires. The drought too hurts and so does the oppressive heat. The tears of loss and smiles of safety for some on the same face parallel our conflict and appreciation of nature.

The stories of neighbor helping neighbor and fire fighter helping fire fighter, confirm our desire for community and service to others. There are hundreds of stories not only of crushing flames and charred places, but stories of hopes and wishes, shattered dreams and shock that so many have lost their lives.

In times of such destruction and death values change rapidly. The acquired stuff of daily living is no match for the loss of lives.

There is never a quick end to tragedy. No easy answers to the wailed questions of why and no relief when cries have run out of tears.

It is not possible to hold each hand of so many so hurting. All we can do, in this human family, is to be aware and to care. There is something powerful in that and it heals and it hurts.

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