Monday, December 5, 2011

Trump's Folly

One of the most asinine events to come out of the Republican campaign to choose a party nominee is to have Donald Trump moderate a debate hosted by the conservative magazine Newsmax.

It’s supposed to take place on December 27 in Des Moines, Iowa.

To their credit Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman will skip the debate citing concerns about the seriousness of the event. This kind of faux debate with the Trump ego moderating is a distraction and diminishing to the electoral process.

Gingrich, to his detriment, has accepted the Trump invitation. He says it has entertainment value. Gingrich currently leads in Iowa, with Paul in second and Romney trailing in third place.

It seems that Donald Trump will do and say anything for publicity. His kind of buffoonery demotes the GOP campaign into the absurd, slapstick and vaudevillian category.

No wonder politics and politicians have such low approval ratings. It is a one-act farce with a Harlequin moderator.

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