Thursday, December 22, 2011

Away Again at Christmas

There are many folks today who cannot for one reason or another be home for Christmas. Those serving in the military are certainly the one's who we think about this time of year. We have empathy with the emptiness their families are experiencing.

This is for all who are away from home this Christmas. It is a poem I wrote entitled, "Away Again."

I am away this Christmas,
but I will send my heart
to ring each bell you hear
when reason keeps us part.

I can’t be with you now
to sit there by the fire
and hold your hand in mine
and fill my heart’s desire.

When you awake my love
You’ll feel my Christmas touch.
Know it is my message -
I love you very much.

I can’t be home this year
to hear the season sing
nor be with you to smile
at every little thing.

I can’t be home this Christmas
to decorate the tree
So hang a stocking too
from heart at hearth for me?

When morning comes at dawn,
with every breath I take
I'll hear your sweetened laugh
to take away my ache.

I can’t be home this Christmas,
if only it weren’t so.
Hear my special Christmas wish -
never again to go.

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