Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Thoughts

When we were kids we didn't give much thought on all the meanings and nuances of the holiday season.

     We thought only of presents, not only the ones we would receive, but also of the ones we bought or made for our parents.

     Somewhere in time, in the growing and maturing process, we transition to a different feeling and appreciation for Christmas. Now it’s the importance of family close by and friends visiting, and children's excitement and memories.

     Laughter and holiday gatherings take on an empathic resonance. They seem to amplify the emptiness and sadness some choose to embrace during this festive time of year.  It's one thing to feel the righteousness of loss of loved ones, long or just departed, and it’s another to wallow in the self-pity of our own creations blaming others for who or what we are. If you don't like who or what you are, change it by intent; its truth is in its simplicity.

   There is only one thing we all are equally, other than created, it is our free will choice to be loving and all the actions that mean loving: giving, helping, listening, teaching, honoring and thanking.

    Be only love for that is what you are is an immutable law of the universe and a predominant teaching of the man-child whose birth we celebrate on Christmas.

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