Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Folklore

It's time to get into the Christmas spirit. For the next couple of weeks up until and maybe a little beyond Christmas and Hannakah and Kawanza I will be posting some thoughts on this festive time of year. Some of them I've gathered through the years and others will be new.

Today, Christmas Folklore.

In England, it is still common to hear someone say when they hear the rooster crow in the stillness of December nights, that the cock crows for Christmas.  Legend has it that the crowing would scare off evil spirits from the holy season.

Other superstitions say that bees can sing at Christmas and sheep walk in procession in commemoration of the visit of the angel to the shepherds.

At one time in the German Alps it was believed that cattle had the gift of language on Christmas, but it was a sin for anyone to try to eavesdrop.

In Poland the story is told that on Christmas the heavens are opened and the scene of Jacob's ladder is re-enacted, but only the saints could see it.

In perhaps no other land is Christmas more celebrated that in Scandinavian countries. Peace and goodwill is the order of the season. Old quarrels are adjusted and feuds are forgotten.  In each household family members place their shoes in a row. It symbolizes that during the year the family will live together in peace and harmony.

Let us think about the world's shoes and let us put them in a row this year.

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