Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Rude Elderly

Ah…the old, the elderly, the crochety, the rude, the myopic, the negative things I hope all of us will not be as we get older, but I know some of us will be cantankerous and rude in our old age.

That being said, I experienced, in the last few days, the rudeness of my generation and maybe those in the generation a touch older than mine. I therefore feel free to criticize my generation and the generation that is just beyond me.

Some elderly think they are entitled to just about everything; Driving slow in the left lane, being rude to wait staff and intolerant of and stern to little children. Some elderly seem to hate loud noises, teenagers in general and the dress styles of the young.

I don’t know why some of us older folks find joy in the laughter and antics of youth and others are the curmudgeons of old age. Perhaps reason, patience, tolerance and courtesy leave the mind set of some folks when nimbleness, dexterity and smooth skin pass from the body.

Some elderly are filled with joy, wisdom and appreciation of living a long life. Others are angry at being old and they choose to take it out on everyone. 

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