Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Poetry

Some poetic thoughts for Christmas.

Christmas time surprises as it jumps out from the cold
   To warm the late December days with frankincense and gold
It heralds in with music, in the silent of the night,
   And when it wakes the child within my memories are all-bright.

Happy thoughts are set to play within the festive light
   And brighten up the shortened days with friends who reunite.
Chums of old and pals of new, all wishing Christmas cheer,
   With cedar sparks from glowing logs to warm the midnight clear.

It’s wrapping hearts in holly green and Rudolph red with bow
   And standing ‘neath a hanging sprig of kissing mistletoe.
Dancing dreams of sugarplums and minted candy cane
   Bring visions of a Christmas tree and a circling tooting train.
I harkin as the angels sing with distant family near
   And I love to hear a child say the names of eight reindeer.
Patina thoughts of Christmas past and shiney ones of new
   Remind me of the Magi three and a child named Jesu.

There’s jingle bells and icicles and packages to tie
   With ribbons tight and wrappings bright of sleighs up in the sky,
There’s hugs galore and candy more and kids with favorite toys
   And shirts and socks and building blocks for little girls and boys.

There’s cards and calls and carols and candles fill the room
  And tins of sugar cookies shine by red poinsettia bloom.
Christmas time indeed surprises in a special wondrous way
   In winter and forever it’s my favorite holiday.

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