Thursday, December 1, 2011

My President

Someone asked a question on my blog post about “Herman Cain Again.”

The question was who would I like to see as President of the United States?

My President has no name as yet, but he or she would have a powerful command of the English language so that explanations, policies, and choices would be explained in clear, understandable words.

(I will now use the world “he” as generic including both genders.)

My President would be honest and truthful to a fault and would look for the greater good in all-political relationships.

My President would not be politically fearful of making the tough decisions. He will have declared that he would serve only one term to be of pure service to the American people.

My President would strive to return the freedoms, guarantees and protections we have given up out of fear.

My President’s platform would be to establish term limits for all members of Congress. He would eliminate the double standard that Congress voted themselves and require all members to rejoin the Social Security and health care systems.

My President would prevent former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists and make it a law that members of Congress must put all their assets into a blind trust when serving the people.

My President will have come from common stock, not from a political dynasty. He will have traits and qualities of Gandhi, Jesus, Mohammed, and Krishna. He will have the humor of Will Rogers and Mark Twain. He will have the political acumen of Jefferson, Lincoln and Reagan and his campaign slogan will be “COMPROMISE FOR THE GREATER GOOD.”   

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