Monday, December 19, 2011

Iraq War Costs

I’m wondering about the Iraq war on this count down to Christmas. What a dichotomy of thought in this alleged time of seasonal peace.

We. The United States military and whatever other undisclosed agencies have now left or are leaving the country. Well, the military forces have all but left, but the other guys and gals may linger in the intelligence sphere for quite some time.

Anyway, the closing ceremony of leaving last week was not one of cooperation or appreciation.
Iraq’s President Jalal Talabni and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki did not show for the departure ceremony.  Their names were on two chairs at the event, but the invitation was apparently ignored.

What does that say?

It says that war and death and treasure are never make lasting friends.

What has the nearly nine year war achieved other than multi-national pain, sacrafice and money?

1.   Saddam Hussein is gone.

2.   Over 100-thoussand Iraqi civilians are dead.

3.   Untold millions displaced from their homes.

4.   The countries infrastructure destroyed.

5.   Patchy electricity and water sources are still evident.

6.   Whatever social fabric there was is gone.

7.   1.5 million American soldiers are now vets of that war.

8.   4,487 Americans were killed.

9.   Thousands upon thousands of Americans were left with missing limbs and psychological scars.

The cost to us: One trillion and counting.

This is George W. Bush’s and Dick Chaney’s legacy to and for the operation dubbed, Iraqi Freedom.

My thoughts are not a political statement, they are a practical acknowledgement of the idiocy of war and unbridled and unconstitutional political power.

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