Monday, October 3, 2011


A few years ago I spoke at a conference with the title “The Awakening of Humanity.” My opening remarks then have value to today.

I said to a gathering in San Francisco who wanted the media to change:

“I will tell you an ancient story of the present.  Oh yes!  There was light then, but it was mostly the shadow light of fear. And when the storytellers of this time, told their stories, it made people afraid of life and living and unaware of the abundant choices they had at each precious moment. The people were smothered with tales of pain and greed, of violence and victims, of worry and fear. There was little enthusiasm for life and few claimed the abundance that was their right.

       Yes, the stories of this time were told and told well, with pictures and words and sounds, they were told sometimes as they were happening and often recorded to tell over and over again around the tribal fire of the tube.

At the time no one realized that the constant bombardment of negative images and words without the balance of love and the continuity of context, lowered the vibration of awareness and the frequency of understanding and the interconnection of each to the other was hidden.

       Instead of the gentle story greeting of “Once upon a choice,” each day of stories would begin with, “Good Evening Everyone - here (hear) now the news.”  People listened, they were informed, but they were not transformed.

       Then, there came a time, a moment in the now, when the collective spirit of many people spoke in a clarion voice of love, and said, “Enough!” There is more to us than what you say. We are not fear based bodies, we are love based spirits and we choose it now.

       And it came to pass that the storytellers of that time, stopped and listened, listened to their hearts for they were attuned to the divine. And when they did humanity awakened to the essence and reality of balanced information.”

       Certainly my remarks were metaphoric, but it is my belief that the television news programs that include the many diverse spiritual and metaphysical undertones being expressed in today's global cultures will be an immense success.  

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