Friday, October 28, 2011

It Makes You Wonder

It’s no wonder so many folks are negative about the future and think nearly everything is haywire in business and politics.

Here are some headlines from yesterday’s papers.

China has a debt crisis. (Great another financial crisis)

Taxpayers on hook for 74 Million dollar loan. (Bankruptcy again)

Exxon profit tops 10-BILLION. (Ten Billion!!!!! Profit? Unbelievable)

Madoff is happy in prison.  (Wonderful. What about those he duped?)

Small businesses fear going under. (It’s OK, Exxon made 10-billion profit)

Freddie Mac executives to step down. (Probably with big parachutes)

And here’s one of the books:

The Kaddafi family to sue NATO for war crimes in world court for contributing to his death. 

Have a nice weekend everyone

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