Friday, October 21, 2011


Gaddafi is dead.

I wonder how a dictator gets power initially? Somebody and probably many “somebodies” have to support him or her so that the consolidation of power is strong enough to coerce others to acquiesce either out of fear or for the promise of comfort. Kaddafi had guns and bullies behind him and that was his beginning.

I also wonder where the strength and courage to oppose tyranny is at the beginning of a dictatorship? You find at the end of a cruel rein where citizens are willing to give their lives to fight against a corrupt regime.

You would think that these same courageous people would oppose the culprit before the sycophants and misfits who inhabit all societies solidify absolute control.

I  wonder too what draws common people to support tyrants like a Gaddafi, or a Hussein or a Hitler.

Is it because of a personal charisma or is it the rhetoric tyrants preach blaming common troubles on another race, or ethnicity or religion or is it the false promises of treasure?

Crowd mentality is always willing to believe somebody or something else causes lack. It’s unfortunate, but a crowd nature is quick to blame others for one’s troubles rather than accept responsibility for personal choices and the consequence that results from that choice.

It may be human nature to blame others in times of weakness and want, but it is also human nature to live and let live. It is more human to love than it is to hate. It is our innate nature to create and not destroy. Our global community must choose to embrace principle in these times of change or all of us will reap what we collectively sow.

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