Friday, September 30, 2011

TV'sTwo Sides

There are two sides to television.  The inner and the outer.
The outer side is entertainment and information. It's what you see every day.

The inner side of television is education and the non-didactic sharing of truths.  Truths are of more value to the human existence that facts.   Facts increase knowledge.  Truths increase understanding.

What kind of truths am I talking about?  The kinds that are usually profound and slam into your consciousness like a revelation and a revelation can't be explained; it can only be experienced with a sense of awe.

Joseph Campbell would say it's when your mind says " Ah Ha."

It could come from an experience discovered in a work of literature ( choose one that was profound for you), a piece of music ( Packabel’s Cannon in D), a work of art, ( The Pieta) a sunset, a honeysuckle scented breeze, a pine forest after a summer shower, anything that increases understanding via feeling and  appreciation automatically enlightens for it is the nature of the soul.

Presently in our media there are selective stories of good, some news of encouragement and documentaries that educate. But I want more.

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