Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died yesterday and we celebrate his life. The Apple Corporation made the announcement.

Celebration is probably the way it ought to be.  We come into this world, make choices, make sacrifices, laugh a little, love a little, cry a little and when we're done we're called home; in many ways that is a time to rejoice.

Steve Jobs, a college dropout. An adopted child whose vision and success is yet unequaled and who has been described as a man who changed the world has been called home.  He finished his work. And now his work is left for others to continue and begin anew for creative souls exist that there may be greater creativity.

I didn't know Steve Jobs. I wish I had. Many of us never had that privilege, and yet, by his fruits, we did know him.  He was many things, but most of all he was a visionary, perhaps even a mystic.

By his actions in life, by his leadership in business, by his courage in dealing with and fighting his cancer he set an example for all of us and provided a lesson. Good health cannot be purchased it can only be enjoyed.

When you acknowledge, with creative action the resonate truths within you, as Steve Jobs did, you honor all life and a piece of you lives forever for only the body dies.

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