Thursday, October 13, 2011

The 12th and Thoughts

On most days we go through a myriad of thoughts and never think about the fact that they are either related or intertwined with other thoughts we deem important or they just seemingly wander through our minds as we let go of the day’s cares.

Last night, for example, I had a nice dinner of spaghetti and mushrooms along with toasted garlic bread and a fine glass of red wine. In conversation with my wife we talked of life and living and the fact that October 12th is our oldest son’s birthday.

My mind digressed into a multi-logue that it was also the day that John Denver died in a plane crash off the coast of Monterrey, California fourteen years ago.

I thought about birth and dying and if there was any significance that it was the same day. The fact that one’s anniversary for birth and another is for dying led to a rhetorical question. Does a date have significance or value in the collective of individual thought and if so what is it?

Probably not, but it was a peaceful compilation as I sipped the wine.

I remember sipping a number of glasses of fine wine with JD. I hold those memory moments in my heart as I honor his accomplishments and still listened to his talent.

I can also give a litany of my son’s accomplishment in his life so far and I honor those too.

I am proud that my son’s birthday shares this date with JD’s passing and that this is also the date we celebrate Columbus’s alleged discovery of America.

Regarding Columbus, such poppycock we are fed from our early history from teachers in grade school and beyond. How do you discover something that is already inhabited with numerous indigenous cultures; they forgot to tell us that in the early years.

As I remember Jd and I wish my son a very happy birthday, I hope your 12th was positive and that the rest of your life is created in your grandest vision of your spirit’s hopes and wishes.

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