Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Rant

Good Morning,

I'm home from a magnificent trip. Thank you to all of you who logged in whenever possible.

What is interesting to me as I catch up on the world's headlines is that so much of the information coming out of Libya and elsewhere as fact is really unconfirmed observation. Some of the world's media takes these reports as if the they are from trained journalists or reporters, but that is not the case.

I do not demean the information coming from either rebel forces or from the Government sources, but all of it is tainted to the belief of the deliverer and should not be considered as fact.

Unfortunately the Fox network is quick to accept any information that blends with their conservative philosophy and that may advance their commentators prognostications.

I still cannot accept anything Fox says until they become a legitimate reportorial organization that gives us only the facts and leaves opinion in can labeled "detritus."

We have so much to gain in this changing world by embracing truth. We have so much to lose by only acknowledging the fear that disruptive change engenders. Truth increases understanding. Fear builds a cocoon of seeming protection when it really segregates the open truth from the illusion of fear. To many of us are willing to live in the house of fear because the foundation of truth is courage and it requires a new house.

Fox is not the only the media outlet that by omission, innuendo and theatrics influence viewers opinion and awareness of current events.

I would like to make up my own mind without color, without shouts, without distortion. All of us are  capable of enlightened discernment without distortion. I encourage every media organization to get back to factual reporting and astute analysis labeled commentary.

I'm baaaaaack.


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