Thursday, March 10, 2011

Net Worth

I was reading the Washington Post yesterday and there was an article that immediately caught my eye.

In an article written by Dan Eggen, a Post staff writer says:

“The members of this year’s freshman class in Congress are far wealthier than the people they represent.
He sites that “the center of Responsive Politics calculates that 60 percent of Senate freshmen and 40 percent of new House lawmakers are worth $1 million or more.

Only one percent of Americas are worth that much.”

My question is…is this representative government?

I am happy for their success and cast no doubt upon their integrity to empathize with the one percent.

What I do wonder about is how do we get individuals who live in the one percent worth of life to run for congress? We need their experiences and counsel in Congress too, but with little or no money it is nearly impossible to run for office and campaign.

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