Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's Step Back

Contention lately seems to be the process by which one opinion does not listen to or even assimilate, as valid, other opinions of life and its possibility in the solvency of truth.

I am seeing, better yet, feeling a contention within the American system of civility and within the political structure of governance. Many sides are trying to maneuver us through the daily drudgery of existence. Most political passions do not understand the individuality of diverse daily lives.

The tea party folks have taken a minor accommodation of voting power into a false mandate of political change. Their victories are important and may be a trend and may at some point be the majority thinking, but at the moment it is not a mandate. It is a consideration and it must be acknowledged in the process of  political compromise and common sense.

There are many in this magnificent country that do not see or feel a swell of conservative values as a tidal surge for change.  It does not mean that conservative concerns should not be addressed and addressed with courtesy, consideration and inclusion.

Contention also does not mean that liberal values should be repudiated as wrong or seen as inimical to American principals. The political pundits in all of our media do a disservice to American ideals when they continue to pit side against side for the sake of ratings.

What all change and considerations mean is that the growing bulwark of ignorance needs to be publicly admonished and a common agreement of compromise must be cemented into the consciences of daily political and civil thinking. This is America; this is what we do as a democracy. It is not a fundamentalist takeover. It is the exercising of a fundamental principal in our constitutional guarantees.

Do not listen to those who support and promote fear as the buttress of our democracy.

This old world is in a powerful time of change as we transition into the future of aware consciousness.

Let us not linger in the morass of fear and violence and contention. Let us not forget that we are ONE and the miracle of life is not the Oneness, it is the diversity within the Oneness.

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