Monday, March 28, 2011

North Korean Surprise

Good Morning!

I saw a video clip the other day that hopefully is a positive harbinger for the future for North Korea.

Like many of you I am a watcher of world events and the predominance of negative stories, belligerent vibrato, global posturing and bellicose arrogance of and from Kim Jong II. It is a scenario that is laughable if it weren’t for their alleged control of nuclear weapons. 

Seeing these kinds of stories on a continuing basis leads one to think that nothing graceful, nothing cultural, nothing elegant is possible from the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea.

Here is the link to a little North Korean girl and a phenomenal guitar performance. I don't know who old she is, but size is an indication. The guitar is as big as she is.

It made me happy to see that not all culture is embedded in the egocentric dictatorship of North Korean communism. It also reinforced the beliefs that good eventually will always overcome the bad and the cruel and the catalyst will be the arts.

I hope you enjoy the clip as much as I did.

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