Monday, March 7, 2011


Some random observations.

Wifi is now free in more places that a year ago. Bravo!

Americans are too fat.

The talk at the lunch counters centered the political contention again in Washington and not getting together to fund the daily operations of our government.

Other conversations thought NY Congressman Peter King's upcoming hearings into the radicalization of Muslim America were indicitative of McCarthism; others thought it was a good idea; too many others didn't care.

Everybody thought the weather sucks and can't wait for spring.

The roads are smooth in Colorado, Kansas and parts of Missouri.

The roads still need attention and repair in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and western Pennsylvania. New York has some problems with road surface too.

Semi-Tractor Trailer trucks should not try to pass another truck on a steep hill or any road with 3% inclines. I saw attempts that backed up car traffic for a quarter of a mile. It is discourteous and dangerous and causes frustrated drivers to take unnecessary chances.

If I criticize the truck passing, I must also compliment the truckers for their safety and courtesy for stopped vehicles along the road. They would pull out and give space to stopped vehicles or to police stopping a vehicle. 

And “NO”, they don’t always eat at the best places.

One state’s speed limit is 75 and another 70 and then another 65. The roads are the same. Why the difference? They are all part of the federal interstate system and I am not talking about going through cities where the speed limit should be less.

Many thanks to all of you for tuning in to this Colorado adventure.

A major thank you and compliment to Seth, the night manager at a Best Western Motel in Greenfield, Indiana. His technical expertise went above and way beyond to fix a problem in order to make this post.

Thank you Seth and thank you Best Western. I'm a fan.


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