Monday, July 19, 2010

The Weekend

So here is Monday morning and a time of reflection. I asked myself what have I discovered, learned, and embraced over the weekend.

I discovered that locally grown sweet corn is just as I remembered from last year and from the buttered and salted flavor as a child. My Dad loved summer sweet corn and would sit down before he ate anything else and devour six or seven ears.

I learned that deer love plums. Just off my covered portico, nestled within our Buddha garden, is a mature plum tree that is filled with the ripening fruits. I know the squirrels and the chipmunks love them, as do the birds, but there is one doe who braves her natural fear of humankind to enjoy the growing sweetness. She is constantly not more that fifteen feet from my door.

This Doe and her friends chew all the plum flesh off the pits and then spit them out. My driveway, which is adjacent to the tree and garden, is speckled with fallen plums and clean pits.

What I embraced this weekend was the hot and humid warmth of summer and the morning delight of fleeting coolness before the rising sun had a chance to bake the house and gardens into a natural radiating oven.

If I put the entire discovery, the education and the embracement together I get an epiphany moment of joy and a powerful exultation of nature.

What more could one ask?

I hope you weekend was just as profound.


If you read Friday's post you know from where I write.

A puppy keeps you young and tired out. I love it.

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