Thursday, July 1, 2010

The 4th celebration begins

Some thoughts on America's birthday. I know it not until Sunday, but America's ethic has enough to talk about until the middle of next week. At least, I think so.

On this holiday of Independence, in a time of tension and terrorists, we ought to ask ourselves what do we stand for and why.

The words of our constitution are certainly appropriate, but we are a people of more than words and patriotic symbols. We are a people of tolerance, courtesy and compassion.

America is an ever expanding idea that embraces freedom and liberty so we can become our choices.

It doesn't mean each of us will always be successful.

It means we can try.

It doesn't mean we won't make mistakes.

It means we can correct them.

America is the dream of patriots.

We are and we have always been what we pass to our children.

We are a nation of self evident truths.

We are a people with unalienable rights.

We are individuals who hold the ideal of America firmly in our hearts and share it with family, friends and even foes, for freedom to do, to be, to speak belongs to all and is as valuable as life itself.

America does not celebrate its oneness this weekend. It celebrates the diversity within the oneness.

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