Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Names and More

I’ve been thinking about nomenclature. The names we give in civilized society for certain groups or organizations. I saw one headline the other day that called the suicide market bombers in Uganda, “militants!”

76 innocents died from the dispassionate cruelty of terrorists and anarchists and we choose to call them militants. We need to start calling all of these kinds of evil slugs and groups exactly what they are and tell them in the global media that they are doomed to receive whatever they perpetuate.

“Militants?” These uneducated life forms are no-where near the sopistication of militants. They are worse than demons and devils. They are sycophants of the lowest order whose character, if we want to call it that, only exists in the sub-slime of humanity. They are delusionary imbeciles who think control and power only comes from hidden torture, bombing and carnage. It is most unfortunate that humankind still thinks blood is the catalyst for change.

We often need to remind our own government that progress from the depths of ignorance comes from discussion, logical persuasion, compassion, intellectual compromise and devout listening. It does not come from contention, controversy, rhetoric and partisan control.

Hello!! Congress!! Condemn the worst and embrace the overall best. That is the only reason you were elected.

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