Wednesday, July 28, 2010

K. Mockingbird

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of reading one of my poems at a presentation in Sedona, Arizona. The experience embraced a live performance collaboration with K. Mockingbird of the Reed people. He was raised on the DinĂ© tah where he ‘listened much to the Wind and spoke to the Stars’ and had the pure joy of learning to play his first flute given to him by his Uncle.

Since then, he has been performing professionally on the Native American flute for 20 years and has recorded 9 CDs. His album “Spirits in the Wind” received a Grammy nomination for Best Native American Album in 2003; in that same year he won the award for Best Native American Duo at the Native American Music Awards.

He says and I agree…

“We are only a single note lingering in this cosmos, but as one people we make a strong chord in Harmony with the Universe.” ~ Mockingbird

Here’s his website:

If you'd like to hear his music while you read the poem I read that day go to this link.


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