Friday, July 16, 2010


The puppy is now ensconced in our home. Her nature continues to teach us that the expectation of what a new puppy is is not necessarily what a former puppy was.

Puppies are puppies and nary the twain shall meet to paraphrase an old and valid saying.

This little one is precious. Eleven weeks old and weighs in at two and a half pounds. McGee is her new name and she will probably max out between six and eight pounds.

OK, why a puppy now? I’m not sure, but I think we were ready after five years without a dog. We’ve had several throughout the years. We’ve had mutts and mixes and pure breeds and they were all both physical as well as spiritual companions.

I do believe in a symbiotic relationship between species. I believe other species, whoever they may be, are more attuned to our physical well being than we are. Some trained dogs can sense where an illness lies in a human body. Perhaps cats can too, but I have not read any literature on the feline detection in a human of an internal disease.

I do know that cats are sensitive. When my son was dying of brain cancer he had a cat that loved him, but in his last days the cat would not even go into his room. Within moments of my son’s death, the cat howled and bounded onto his bed wanting to play the way he used to with my son.

I think his cat was able to see my son’s spirit in the wholeness of its being and wanted to play the way they used too. the cat did not see any difference between the spirt and physical. I do not either anymore, but I do miss the physical presence of my son and know that he is doing more now for the betterment of humankind that he ever could while in form.

I have no proof of this. No scientific control to establish the beginning of a proof. I do have the experience of observation and that is what happened. The cat saw something that I did not until coincidence and meditation led me to know more!

Too many things have happened in the years since my son's death that can be dismissed as coincidence. Songs played when they shouldn't have. Serendipitous experience that is/was a direct reminder of my son's being. The discovery of feathers or other knowledge of his likes and dislikes, his hobbies and his educational gifts to the world.

I believe that nature provides these proofs and circumstantial evidence all the time for us, but we busy humans are neither not aware, nor are we observant enough to see more into it.

I also believe we can change it by choosing to do so.


Gabi K said...

"I believe that nature provides these proofs and circumstantial evidence all the time for us, but we busy humans are neither not aware, nor are we observant enough to see more into it."

... and if we realize it, most of us don't dare to trust in them. That's my observance.

Anonymous said...

Right you are, Servant Rolland. We are all knowing, all seeing. From what I have observed so far, you and Ann are fine and old souls. My inner being tells me whatever your physical states, you are both exactly where you need to be and perfect as you are. That said, Ann puts up with more shit than you do, and not just from me! And, those stairs are a pain in the butt. Let's look for something ranch style next time. What were you two thinking? As far as your culinary skills, I prefer my eggs scrambled, and my water chilled. And, if you have any expectation I will be fetching the paper, or any other dog style chore, let's just forget about that. I am here to be loved and served. Nothing more. Keep this in mind, and I won't pee on your couch. Um. Well. I shall do my best in this endeavor, at any rate. We all have our weaknesses. Love you bunches already. McGee

Anonymous said...

God helps those who help themselves...................................................

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