Friday, October 2, 2009

Tsunami's and Earthquakes

Some thoughts on the earthquake in Indonesia and the Tsunami in American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga.

Rich, poor, tourists, residents of cities and seaside ports surprised by a wrenching earth and walls of water. Such loss of life and still counting. All of mankind feels that kind of pain. There is nothing we can do to change it.

So many died so quickly. Grief is a personal hurt. Sorrow and sympathy are more universal and the world is responding with compassion and service. Gifts of food, clothing, tents, equipment, medicines, all needed, all appreciated.

Now comes the after-pain. Like the earthquake aftershocks, the after-pain is also a killer, but not nearly as fast. There is no quick end to despair. No easy answers to questions of why and no relief when cries have run out of tears.

It is not possible for us to hold a hand or hug someone in need in Indonesia or in the islands tonight. All we can do, in this human family, is be aware and to care. There is an energy that comes from that expression of compassion and it's powerful and it's healing.

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