Thursday, October 8, 2009

Change Within and Without

I’ve been sensing a change in almost everything these days! Not just the change of seasons, but that could be the catalyst. The change is primarily within, but I see it too in climate, attitudes, demeanors, courtesies, politics and nature.

Perhaps I should eliminate politics from my observation for it seems to be an infectious and contentious topic.

Have you noticed if you are having a discussion or debate or even a gentle political conversation lately that no matter how many salient facts you bring to the verbal table that validate your argument, the other person or persons use what is called, “contorted logic” to defuse the factual truth and dismiss its compelling conclusion?

Climate change? I am not a scientific person, but I am an observant soul and I have noticed over the last few years distinct changes in my weather environment. I don’t know how to interpret the things I’ve noticed, but the patterns are different. More rain than usual. More snowfall than normal. Colder than normal. Hotter that it’s supposed to be. Something has changed.

Even the seasonal change this year with the trees losing their leaves is different from previous years. The colors are different. I’ve watched the same trees every year for the last decade and this year there is a difference. Right now some of our trees are barren while others still have their green leaves. In the past it was different.

I’ve also noticed more anger from mobile strangers than I used to observe. Drivers are quicker to yell at you, give the proverbial finger or cut you off more than they once did. Courtesy and protocol seem to have gone by the way side of life.

The change within me is the most profound. I sense a searching within myself that is more pronounced than it used to be. It is almost an urgency to find the simplicity in complex things knowing there is an understanding there and it would be beneficial to humankind for a resonance of knowing would be and is endemic. It is also an abandoned willingness to let go of what was and embrace whatever is.

I am observing less interest in television, in newspapers, in organized religions and more interest in the practice of personal spirituality. Being spiritual is acknowledging a conscious, loving, presence as part of our being and knowing it is in harmonic resonance with all things.

Religion is the process, the belief system, by which we choose to express some of that spirituality. In my view, religions have forgotten much of their spirituality and what they think they do remember of it they confuse with dogma.

There is really no conclusion to this missive. It’s only random observations and free-floating conjecture. I wonder if you feel these things in a similar way?


Rose said...

ABSOLUTELY!!! it is comforting to know that others are observing the same.

One thought I had is the possibility?...that in SOME SMALL part, it is the aging population.
Many of us, as we age, gain wisdom, grow and continue to learn, while others become rigid and refuse to recognize another viewpoint.
I am sure that IT goes MUCH deeper. Very unsettling!!..
I try tp surround myself with positive energy

Anonymous said...

Matters of the heart, perhaps. Still being in the workforce, I see and feel the changes in the work world. Is it just that everything is always evolving? Or is there a cosmic and dramatic shift, playing itself out in every aspect of life? I'd give it more thought, but I'm on my way into a meeting. Here's wishing you a perfect day, no matter how unusual. Sue

Anonymous said...

Amen brother. An odd and discomforting transformation we must wade or hack our way through.
Hard to find solace.
I walk my dog. The stroll eases me out of the mental mire. I feel a kinship to perambulators treading the same path. Thank you for pointing the way.

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