Friday, October 30, 2009


I’d like to write this morning about music. All music. Music is an expression of the soul. It is the melody of the spirit as experienced in the mind of creation and shared by the sensitivity of sound.

Classical music generally is in financial trouble. It needs help, not only from the cities that encourage it, but also from the unions and managements, but also especially from people who appreciate the healing qualities of music and who see the sharing benefit that a concert brings to a community.

Music is a reminder of our harmonic connection to grace, to nature, to each other and to the infinite melodies of the universe. A symphony is a visual and audible link between the spirit of a community and the Divine.

Modern music as delineated as Pop, Rock, Country, Alternative, New Age and even Acid is a connection in appreciation to a deeper part of one’s being. Only the young usually appreciate new expressions of sound for they are new to this earthly density and form and are attuned to the higher vibrations of precipitated creations.

All compositions, both those of the great masters, as well as modern lyricists and composters, calm the turmoil of the heart and body and soothe the worries and pains of daily life for they transport us to another place. A place of peace and wonder and sometimes a place away from a place that we don’t want to be.

Music cultivates the intellect, echo’s the longing of the heart and embraces the sustaining spirit of wonder  into a synergy with the sacred and through its vibration a new understanding of the glories of life emerge.

Appreciation from an audience is the gift you give back to the artist. Purchasing product and ticket attendance support is a gift you give the gifted and the future. It is an essential modality for a civic soul and a young spirit to expand and someday they blend into ONE.

No one can live without music and no one should.

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Gabi K said...

"No one can live without music and no one should."


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