Monday, October 5, 2009


I don’t know about you, but I don’t care about David Letterman’s affairs or about the affairs of any Congressman or even the President of the United States as long as those affairs do not infringe, influence, or impinge upon the security of our country or that they are not coerced by authority either directly or indirectly.

Politicians' affairs and Letterman’s kind of liaisons have been happening since time immoral.

What I do care about is lying, obfuscation, extortion, and denial when confronted with abundant evidence.

Bravo to David letterman. He did what he had to do to stop an extortionist. The rest of it is none of our business.

Hypothetically, if caught in a romantic or prurient assignation, admit it. Let it go. You did it. It happened. People do and have done these things even though our puritanical and dogmatic backgrounds preach that it’s socially, morally and spiritually wrong.

To some it is not wrong. It’s a consensual relationship between two people and it is nobody else’s business. There are, however, the “other’s” who see all non-married sexual situations as sinful and unless it is legally consummated it needs to be publically exposed.

Letterman made jokes though-out the years about politicians’ who fooled around and even politicians have cast aspersions and indignations on their colleagues who were caught and vilified in the proverbial media, only to be caught themselves in their moments of indiscretion.

When caught, red faced as it were, public repentance is one usual result, finding divinity and asking for forgiveness is another and resignation from office or position is a third.

I prefer the refreshing acknowledgment of honesty and let the rest of us adhere to the biblical admonition of “cast the first stone.”

I don’t think the “Source,” “The All That Is,” The “Oneness,” the One God we call by many sacred names really cares much about our love making, but only that we love unconditionally and that even though unconditional love may have no judgment, it does have a consequence; choice always does.

Ask Elliot Spitzer the former New York State Governor, Senator John Ensign of Nevada, John Edwards, former candidate for President, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina. Ask resigned congressman Mark Foley or his successor Tim Mahoney about affairs and consequence. Ask any number of Hollywood stars, business leaders and religious leaders if they agree that sex and sound judgment are inimical components of life.

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What about the wife, husband, family, commitment....

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