Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lighten Up!

When I started writing these sometimes quasi and often direct commentaries I decided that I would try to offer an alternative way of looking at issues, events, situations, and happenings.

It was important to me that I did not always attack, but that I could find a common ground, a dispassionate place in between verbal critique and passive tolerance in which all of us could dwell for discussion, dissemination and positive direction.

Sometimes I found it, most often not, but the understanding is in the attempt, not necessarily in the success.

A couple of items came across my desk this week, which both try my understanding and my tolerance. Let me present them to you for your consideration.

Item # 1:

A bus driver in Illinois was suspended from his job because he wore a pink necktie to show support for his sister and grandmother who both battled breast cancer. Officials of the bus company said any deviation out of uniform must be approved in advance.

Come on bus company executives! Where is your common sense? You should be delighted this guy is participating in a public cause and is community minded enough to encourage others to support the cause to fight breast cancer.

This is a case of AUTHORITY gone amok.

Item # 2:

I say at the outset that the Hispanic culture is noble and honorable and worthy of its inherent grace, but sometimes, as is the case with all cultures, races and religions, some people are so super sensitive that they can’t see the light through the light.

Halloween is this Friday. Recently three big companies who sell costumes pulled one outfit from their shelves. It was a costume called, “illegal alien.”

It had a space-alien mask and a green card attacked.

A Latino organization objected saying, “it mocks hard working individuals trying to make a better life…” their objection didn’t mention the word, “Latino,” though that clearly was the reference.

I am hard pressed to see where it might offend some, and like the missing common sense of the bus executives, these overly sensitive people and organizations need to lighten up and enjoy life in all its forms. I do understand there are some phrases and actions that offend. I don't think this is one of them.

Characterization will never diminish character. Humor, by its inherent nature, brings authority to the low and that is often a good thing for too often we take ourselves too seriously and make our organizations, instead of our hearts, the arbiter of what is right.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a costume for Canadians who are called "resident aliens"? Is it a Mountie holding a Labatts and a pound of Canadian bacon?

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