Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bill Of Rights

Bill Of Rights
© 2009  Rolland G Smith

I looked upon a bill today
And I was taken by surprise.
It had no stamp to mark as paid,
And never will and that is wise.

The items were of noble thought.
Ten items all and in a row,
And numbered in the Roman way
From I to X in even flow.

The first one was about some things,
We rarely give a thought about.
The right to faith and gathered groups
And saying things by speaking out.

Protection was next on the list
And barring arms, if so you choose.
It talked about militias too
So no one’s freedom is abused.

The third one had to do with force.
Of soldiers living in your space.
It could not be without consent
Unless the law does grant the grace.

The fourth one had to do with search
Of you, your home and papers too
Unless there is a reasoned cause
That law and man can’t misconstrue.

The fifth one was a longer one
Dealing with one’s self-conviction.
All have the right to talk or not
When accused of malediction.

The next one dealt with one's arrest
And a quick and speedy trial.
The right to counsel was there too
To tell the court of one’s denial.

The seventh was a master one.
In all the suits of common law
Your peers decide your truth or not.
No court can change what juries saw.

The eighth is one of great import
To keep us from excessive fines,
Or cruel unusual punishment
If we’re convicted of a crime.

The ninth is all about the rights
Set in the Constitution’s list.
But even rights not listed there
Are equal and both coexist.

Ten talks about THE DOCUMENT
And if the wording is not there
The states and people keep the rights
So that there is a balance fair.

No money pays this sacred bill
The rights are free and can’t be bought
They’re guarantees for one and all
Paid by the blood from those who fought.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This should be used in every American history class. So explicit, accessible and applicable to this time. It reminds me to be ever grateful for the freedoms we have, and to never take them for granted.

Wonderful! Thank you, Mr. Smith.

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