Friday, October 23, 2009

Bail Out Compensation

Here was the story on CNN.

"NEW YORK ( -- Washington launched its biggest offensive yet against runaway Wall Street pay practices Thursday, taking aim at everyone from senior executives to high-flying traders of complex securities.

Leading the charge was the White House, which outline a series of drastic pay cuts for top executives at the nation's biggest bailed-out companies, including AIG, Citigroup and Bank of America."

Note: These guys got millions in taxpayer bailout money, but have yet to pay a cent back.

Here’s my question and probably the question of all taxpayers who bailed out these guys last year.  Did they really think they could get away with this?

Something is terribly wrong with their personal ethics and corporate missions when these allegedly intelligent bankers, traders and brokers think our money is free and because it comes from the largess of government they can pay themselves exorbitant salaries, bonuses and financial perks.

Hey…WALL STREET, get a life.

There is not a single average wage earner in America today that thinks like your ego. Your audacity degrades the free enterprise system and you should bow your heads in permanent disgrace as a recompense for your arrogance.

Perhaps we should bring back the colonial pillory and place it next to the bull on Wall Street where the tossed rotten tomatoes of greed can cover your shame.

Believe it or not WALL STREET you are not that good at what you do.

Some suggest that an unintended consequence of a government finance czar cutting salaries and bonuses is that the top earners will go elsewhere. GO!

Most of you were at the helm when your companies had to be bailed out. Put that in your resume.

I am tired of both you and congress for swindling the taxpayer and getting away with it. YES, you too congress. Look at your perks, your earmarks to spending bills, and your junkets. Come on! In the next election I am voting for anyone who’s never been there.

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