Friday, October 16, 2009

Snow and Spirit

It snowed here yesterday. I can’t remember a time when it snowed this early in the season. It did not accumulate on the ground where I live, but I’m sure it did on the nearby mountaintops.

I love the winter scape, but not all the attendant conditions. Cold, dirty roadside snow, blizzards, and ice storms are the negatives of winter, but the rest of its white softness I like.

In many ways I think winter is a reminder to our physical personalities and to our spiritual nature that life as we experience it in this day to day density and pressure is relatively short and life as it really is is much more profound and eternal.

Winter ends the green of life created in the short spring and summer seasons of growth. In winter we can’t see the life below the protecting barks or within the seedling sheaths, but we know it’s there. It’s alive, dormant and ready for time and warmth to regenerate its perennial life cycle of growth. I think human life and lives are similar.

It makes no sense to me that we are here one time around and in those seemingly random allotted years, whether they be long or short ones, we are expected to attain the divine awareness of profound grace, spiritual grandeur and angelic gratitude.

So many of us don’t and can’t get it right the first time. What makes us think we can hone our divinity to acceptable living in just one lifetime? Some of us do a good job at living and some of us do a bad job.

I think those who attain and demonstrate a life of good are fine examples, but they have been around a few times and their spirit, their essence has learned how to do it correctly. When they attain the individuation of the Divine indivisible, they move on to other mansions in the heavenly house.

The others of us, who mess up, screw up, hurt and harm often by inattention rather than attention, get to do it again and again and again until we, by free will choice, get it right.

The way I figure it is that the All That Is loves us unconditionally, therefore there is no judgment of our choices in life, there is only the consequence of the choices we make and at some point in our eternal existence there must be a balancing of effect. Balancing is not a question of if, it is only when.

There are three things I know.

Life is a force of infinite love, finitely expressed.
Unconditional love is unencumbered with emotion.
Belief is the unknown and knowing is the grace of experience.

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Rose said...

Are you sure that you and I were not twins!!??

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