Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Age of Light

The Age of Light
© 2012-2016 Rolland G. Smith

I am a soul among the light,
With daily play in planet’s plight
Where souls oft gasp a wonder’s breath
When knowing light is never death.

But we do dwell in moment’s time
For matter is a finite clime,
Yet when we shed our form and thought
The mind will never be distraught.

There is a balance ‘tween the two
In order for the spirit true
To keep the Logos and the soul
From being separate from the whole.

That does not fit with dogma’s trick
Which changes soul’s arithmetic.
It doesn’t add, so do not try;
Just free your mind; let spirit fly.

Not all the truths of old are wrong
But light creates a different song.
Old tunes have truth as new ones do
But only one brings what is new.

Aquarian we call this age,
Enlightened souls have set the stage
For all of us to be the play

In lighted garments all array.

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