Monday, April 25, 2016


Ah…so it is Monday again.  Through-out my life I have liked some Monday’s and disliked some others. I think I like them more as an older person.

I also like Saturdays because now everyday is Saturday.

Everyday is Saturday

©2013, 2016 Rolland G. Smith

There comes a time in all our lives
When busy days are changed in name.
It’s only then, if we survive,
We stage the play and play the game.

All Sundays past were days of rest
For little things that needed done,
But there were always chores we left
To watch a game or ski the run.

Most Mondays of our working life
Were one’s we wished would never come.
And then came Tuesday’s weekly strife
That lead to Wednesday’s hump when done.

With Thursday came the week’s relief
Knowing Friday was the next day.
But Thursday night oft’ gave some grief
And Friday morn, “some hell to pay.”

But now is when the times have changed
Our jobs are done and we retire.
The days of week are then renamed
To fill our wishes and desire.

Now everyday is Saturday
No matter what and when the day.
Yes, everyday is Saturday.

Enjoy it, be it, Saturday.

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