Monday, April 11, 2016

Choices again

I am going to try to keep April as poetry month in these blogs.


© 2016 Rolland G. Smith

Beyond the love of living life
With all its joys and seeming strife,
There comes a time when we must choose
A way to live so love accrues.

It takes some thought to understand
The life within is what is grand.
The other way is where we find
That not all our choices will be kind.

But there are lessons to be learned
In all our choices, I’ve discerned.
We may not like the tasks we chose
But it’s the way the spirit grows.

So when you think and when you pray
Give thanks for gifts you have this day.
For that will let you be the light
Which will confirm your choice is right

Now if we choose to thus refuse
That love is not the choice we use.
There’s never judgment from the Source,
Thou someday we may choose remorse.

Be not afraid in time and space
No life is filled with grace and lace.
No ego ever had control.

Love is the power of the soul.

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