Friday, April 29, 2016


What do you see in the face of a child?

I offer a singular consideration.

O’ Innocence be thou forever vigilant and embrace my heart with the full joyful empathy of life.

Let no one strike thankful and beautiful thoughts from my mind as I age and grow and increase in seeing the wonder of the universe.

Let me gaze upon the world each day with a child's mind and accept the disappointments of life as spiritual growth and karmic experience. Disappointments are the seeds of wisdom and when planted in the furrowed thoughts of action they will sprout into forests of good works and flowers of needed compassion.

I know that within the experience and illusion of time there is the evidence of grace, the joy of expectation and the acceptance of truth in every smile, in every sigh and in every tear.

Let all us children acknowledge the Source, the All That Is that gazes with love at our beginnings and endings for both are the unconditional gifts of the Divine.

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