Thursday, April 7, 2016

He's baaaaack!

I am now back from time away
And, yes, I’m really back.
So much has happened in our lives,
And much to do with lack.

First, lack of checking all the facts
And doing diligence.
From what the candidates did say
Recasting their defense.

But I am peaceful from my trip
To see old friends of mine
So I won’t dump upon the lack
Of facts all left behind.

Maybe soon, if not tomorrow
I will, new post, again.
I thank you for your tuning in
Despite campaign's insane.

But let me leave you with a thought
That life is always great.
We all receive a sacred love
As time will demonstrate.

So worry not and cast no stone
Until you know the truth.
Just check your facts and it will tell

Discernment is your proof.

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