Friday, April 15, 2016

A thought!

I've tried to keep April in a poetry mode to asuage my passion, but then I read the papers and I want to write about what I read and perhaps its meaning.
So this is my compromise.

Jefferson’s Lament
©2016 Rolland G. Smith

One two three Seven, all Trump needs
To heed his ego’s call.
But there are forces with a greed
Like Cruz to cause his fall.

Some say Trump started this pursuit
To guild his families name.
It is a claim he does refute
Despite increasing fame.

So where does that leave politics?
(pause and think)
This poem can now not end.
It knows the way some lunatics
Can set the future’s trend.

Now, if you say that I’m not fair
And Donald is the way.
Just read his words and then compare
What Jefferson would say.

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