Friday, June 19, 2015

When local news was local.

When I was in local news, it was just that,  “local news.”

Today it seems the more affluent stations in big markets see local news as national news.

One of the major stations in New York City sent a reporter to Charleston, South Carolina to cover the Church shootings story.

To my mind, that’s not local news. Sure, it’s tragic, it’s sad, it’s emotional, it has national import, but it’s not local news.

Again, to me, sending a local reporter out of town to report on a story of this type is bordering on sensationalism. Bringing in a local reporter from the story’s area is fine, but sending a reporter who does not know the city’s gestalt or have the trusted contacts is once aging using a murder-tragedy as tabloid journalism.

Despite the enormity of the story, there must be just as many poignant stories in the New York City environs that serve the local audience to a far greater degree.

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