Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Drug Sales

Have you ever noticed in the advertisements for drugs to cure or help some malady the general populace might have there are a lot of cautions?

It doesn’t matter what drug they are promoting. Just listen to the cautions.

I love the one when it says, “tell you doctor all the medicines you are taking.”  Come on! Would not your doctor know what you are taking? If not, maybe you have the wrong doctor or you are hiding medications from the one person who should know what you are taking.

And then there are the qualifiers at the end of the commercial for the specific medicine.

“Tell your doctor if you have burning, itching, bleeding, blood in the urine, fainting spells, blurred vision, dry mouth, constipation, memory loss, abdominal cramps, excessive coughing, altered hearing, hallucinations and other unusual symptoms.”

I’ve combined a whole bunch of warnings together, but you get the idea.

It seems to me that drug companies will do anything to sell us their product, so we can tell our doctors that that’s what we’d like to try to stop whatever is ailing us.

I think it’s time we get on with our lives as they are, illnesses and all, and live each moment to the fullest without trying the extend our breath beyond what the soul knows is the ending of a magnificent time in the physical realm.

Home’s not here my friends. It’s there!

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