Monday, June 29, 2015


Our long time friends, really long, some forty plus years came to visit yesterday.

We hadn’t seen them in a year or so. They came with strength and resolve and memories to be with us as we process hospice and its eventual conclusion.

Friendship does not matter how long ago it began or even if it began just yesterday, it only matters in the love it shares, not in its length of time.

Friendship is the ability to tolerate disagreements with laughter.

It is acknowledging the grace of difference with respect and courtesy.

It is an internal awareness that you have been together before life began and a knowing that you will be together again and again forever.

There is fragrance in friendship. There is a shared cadence of the heart, both the heart within and the heart in spirit.

Friendship is the eternal proof that love exists beyond family, choices and circumstance.

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